Abbott’s Village Bakery

March 9, 2019
Kimberly Clark Metcash 2018
March 7, 2019

Event/ Trade Show

The George Weston Foods, Abbott’s stand was one not to miss at the annual Metcash Expo. With simple yet effective design, the 6m x 6m open stand rose to the top being awarded “best exhibitor” for 2018.

With a touch of the Cream Event Team’s unique innovation, Abbott’s Village Bakery successfully launched their re-branding and new packaging. The central u-shaped bench, doubled up as a cooking station and seating area, creating an interactive experience for all “foodies” to enjoy.

With the use of an effective black background, contrasting beautifully with the colours of the product,  the 4m tall lightbox wall gave  depth to the stand. The great food imagery and impressive product photography saw Abbott’s enter a new class for the 2018 Metcash Expo