Thursday Plantation ‘Treat Yourself This Summer’

Reckitt Benckiser APP Gold Coast
March 20, 2019
‘Treat yourself this summer’ was created for a National Pharmacy Promotion to drive sales with instore displays with consumers keen for the chance to Win a Glamping Experience plus a chance to win 1 of 40 gift vouchers. Another part to the promotion was to create a fun and competitive trade incentive with the best in store display winning a voucher for their staff.
Working across all POS including; Posters, entry cards, shelf wobblers, overhead bunting, display cubes, stickers, entry cards, FSDU’s and CDU’s sleeves and branded balloons. As well as creating all POS, Cream was involved in the coordination of all the permits, T’s&C’s, website development, printing, printing distribution, gift redemption and distribution etc.
A very successful promo which we loved working on!